I was snitching photos from my mother's camera to show you the great book party this past weekend, and I found a few of her "pre-event" photos too. They are actually a little sad... a deserted store... but interesting too. Yes, it took us three months to clean out most of the store. And truthfully, it's nowhere near actually being clean. My kids, Alex and Lilah, helped me push all the remaining product and extra displays into the storage room and stamp room. Anything we couldn't move, we covered with pretty cloths. Lilah was in heaven! It was a huge, colorful, empty space to dance and twirl around.

Take a look at the pics in the next post to see how pretty it looked (cleaned up!)

The TOY section... gone.
Games, puzzles, Klutz... gone
Books... sorta gone. It's amazing what was still left even after we offered to GIVE stuff away!?
27 boxes donated to World Vision. Seriously. And this was the SECOND batch. The room felt HUGE when they were gone!

I think I need to do a yard sale at the shop to get rid of the extra displays - big and small. Then... maybe some new paint... then a killer idea of what to DO in this space now! I have a few ideas, but I am open to hearing more. Put your opinion in the comments below - what would you like to see in this space?

BEFORE and AFTER (I kept the kids, but I'm storing them elsewhere)

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