I am expecting to get my copies of the BOOK - "Totally Tangled" sometime this week. Between my insane excitement over the book and my near panic over preparations for my adventure trip this weekend, I fear I am nearing complete uselessness as far as providing you with Zentangle info and tips!

If you have not yet pre-ordered your book, you still have a little time. Go to: http://www.etsy.com/shop/bumblebat
I will be puting my Etsy store into Vacation Mode on WEDNESDAY so that I can package and mail the pre-ordered books and then throw myself into complete chaos helping my family pack. And figuring out how to explain to my three--year-old that she has to stay behind with her grandparents! That has GOT to be the hardest part. :-(

I will be back at the end of April and then I will have MORE books for sale again. If you are going to Art And Soul in Hampton, VA in May, I will be teaching Zentangle there (both classes sold out!!) and also selling at Vendor Night. I am trying to cover our t-shirts with Zentangles for Vendor night. In case you are also trying to tangle on a tee, I have found THE PERFECT PEN. It is made by Pentel and is a Gel Pen for Fabric. It rolls thin black lines onto the t-shirt and does not snag the way a Micron does on fabric. And Marvy makes a big, fat Fabric Marker that comes in a gray that does very nice shading I think DickBlick.com has them?).

AND I got my sneakers from Zazzle, so I will be Totally Tangled for the show!

Oh! Maybe THAT'S what we should do as a contest? A Totally Tangled Contest... an item of clothing? Ok, I will think about that. If anyone has any opinions or ideas for this contest, let me know soon, so I can work it out and post it. Thinking caps on!