Another blog!? I guess the title is appropriate for many reasons - namely - I must be crazy!
Actually, I'm trying to convert the old classroom, upstairs above Wingdoodle, my shop, into a new studio space. Yes, I have an old studio space and I intend to keep using it, but with an 11 yo and a 2 yo constantly traipsing through there, I need a space that is off-limits and dedicated to working. I also have been imagining that if I could leave the house to "go to work" I might get more done. Well, it's an experiment anyway!

So there were actually two large parts to this plan. The first part was to turn the front corner of the store - what we refer to as the gallery-corner, into a... gallery. More of a showroom, really, for my work - the stuff I plan to make upstairs in the new studio. Stained glass, painted furniture, etc. The second part is to convert the upstairs space into the studio. SO!

I have finished the first part. I had flat trees built to create a stage set feel and hung some green drapes too. I painted the walls bright blue, gold and bronze and put all my art in there.

And I sold a few things! Cool!! And I got mentioned in a blog!   Kearsarge Directory

There are more pictures of the Beehive at my website and Wingdoodle's website.

So now I have the more difficult task of completing the upstairs renovations! Why difficult? Because I don't have the threat of public humiliation to push me to finish!

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