Two days in and two classes survived! And already there are changes to the schedule - for the better I think - and a lot of homework.

Monday's class is "Survey of the Drawn Story" - basically - "Cartoon History." The teacher is a legend in the cartoon world- Steve Bisette. He's got a wikipedia page, so you know he is famous. I, like most people, know him for his incredible drawings in the Swamp Thing comic books. He's a genius with monsters and horror.

He is also incredibly funny. My favorite quote from class was when he was explaining how he hates super-heroes, "I could believe in a giant gorilla rampaging the city chasing a blonde lady, before I'd believe a guy would put on tights and fight crime."

The first book we are reading is Men of Tomorrow: Geeks, Gangsters, and the Birth of the Comic Book by Gerard Jones.

Tuesday's class is "Publication Workshop" - we are going to be best buds with Photoshop and InDesign by the end of the Semester. We'll also learn all the hands-on, non-techie ways to construct a comic book too. Today we learned a quick way to make an 8.5x11 Zine. It helps if you have a super-cool computerized copier! I'm not quite sure that should count as "non-techie" though?

Our project for September (in Publication Workshop) is creating a Facebook (as in a book of faces) for our class, using photocopying and silkscreening in two colors. I need to design my Autobiography and my two color portrait in a nine square grid... but first, I need some sleep. Tomorrow is an all-day class - "Cartooning Studio".
With Ink.
Definitely need some sleep.

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