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Tangle of the Week

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2 min read

Tangle of the Week - Flora

Hi Sandy, I am new to Zentangle and am working my way through the tangles in the book, "Joy of Zentangle". I am looking at your tangle called Flora. In the book it is illustrated within a small square and in the last square the petals are cut off by the edges of...

2 min read

Tangle of the Weak - Bannah

Ah, those typos, glitches, and flat-out-WTF moments... The Tangle Library App was doing so well - and the brand new in-app purchase of 40 more tangles - that was fabulous. BUT - a few glitches were found: some messed up step-outs in a few patterns. Nothing life threatening for sure. And rest assured, they are...

3 min read

The Bauble Tree

It started as a "great idea" - as they often do... and turned into a major project! Now my eyes are starting to cross from staring at the screen and I realize I haven't eaten anything since... wow... it's been more than 7 hours! I think it is time...