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The Middlebury Diary, Part 2

I updated the first blog post with the photos, so take a look at that one HERE. Saturday was the BIG event! The Non-fiction Comics Mini-Fest at the Vermont Folklife Center in Middlebury, VT. I was surrounded by amazing cartoonists! Marek Bennett (in the hat) was responsible for telling me (MANY years ago) that there...

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"When your sole purpose in life is to entertain the gods, there's nothing to do but put on a good show." So, yesterday I was (whining) about how I need an Alice, right? Here's how the universe plays with me... I've been reading this excellent book called...

3 min read

My Honeycomb Hideaway

A few years before I got pregnant with my daughter - ah, now I see what happened - well, anyway - before I got pregnant, I found a little retreat on Blaisdell Lake in Bradford/Sutton. It was only about 15 minutes from my real life and I thought it would be perfect as a...

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Happy Easter

If we forget about the grouchy boy, high-fever-girl and cranky Gramma at the nursing home... this was a really nice weekend! It was nice to have Kayla helping out too - weekends always go smoother with someone else watching the baby! Kayla is, technically, Lilah's babysitter. She started out as a mother'...

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Zentangle Class Schedule

I posted a schedule of Zentangle workshops I'll be teaching this spring, on my studio blog - Beez in the Belfry. Click the link, above, to see the post. Well... I won't be teaching them on my blog, the list is there, the classes will be in my studio space -...